Chatham Park Food Drive – Dec 2018

TLC Food Pantry has had the honor and privilege to have worked with the Haverford School District over the past two years. Two summers ago, the administrative team performed a bag drop in the Westgate Hills area of Havertown. Teachers, leaders, and principals alike dropped off bag requests, then returned a week later to collect donations and stock our pantry shelves. This past February, Chestnutwold gathered for MLK day to perform various service day projects. The turnout was tremendous and had a lasting impact on TLC’s ability to serve those in need. (for more details, see the post on MLK Service Day 2018).

More recently, through the month of November, Chatham Park Elementary (K-5) held a food drive. While we have been blessed as food drive recipients in the past, never before have we received such of large volume of the exact food items that are ‘fan-favorites’ with our guests.

Holy Cow! Look at the size this donation!

More often than not, we are challenged with the amount of canned fruit, coffee, cereal (non-Cheerio), peanut butter, and snack bars we are able to stock. The Chatham Park students, teachers, and staff came through in a BIG way. We’re pleased to note that for our upcoming service day (December 22, 12-3p), we’ll be able to stock all of those items and won’t run out!

From the bottom of our hearts, we want to thank everyone who had a hand in the Chatham Park Food Drive this year. Your generosity will go directly to helping those in our community who may be having a hard time this holiday season. Change begins with every one of us and needless to say, this will have a positive impact on many people!

If you or your organization are interested in running a food drive, feel free to send us an email. While the Holidays are a natural time to considering sharing with others, we have found the need exists year-round for many. Any time of year is the right time to think of someone else.

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