March 28, 2020 Food Service Plans

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Friends, Neighbors, and Patrons –

We have been closely monitoring the ever-changing landscape of our both our town and our country in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our primary concern if for the health, safety, and well-being of everyone in our community.

We also know that Social Distancing is making it even more challenging for some to get work, earn a paycheck, or obtain basic food supplies. We have been exploring various ways on how to reach out to provide support for anyone struggling with food insecurity during this challenging time.

In order to maintain safe social distances, we will NOT be holding our regular group, shopping style service day this coming Saturday. Rather, we are making arrangements to deliver a pre-packaged bag of food to our regular attendees. Unlike our routine monthly shopping dates, the food bags are composed of standard items. Please understand that our supply is limited this month and we are doing the best to stay equitable for all. We are planning to recruit a group of volunteers to deliver these bags this coming Saturday (3/28/20).

If you are new to the TLC Food Pantry and were planning to visit us this month, send an inquiry email to the address below and we will send you a Registration Form. Once we have that information, we will reach out with information on how we can help.

We are praying for everyone in our neighborhood, town, and country right now. Regardless of the underlying cause, difficult times are always made more manageable when we are able to come together. Even if we are not able to come together physically, there is still much we ARE able to do for one another. Continue to look our for each other and please reach out with any service requests. We will update this blog as often as we have news or updates to share.

God Bless – the TLC Food Pantry Team

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