The POWER of Community!!

Social Distancing or not, the power of community is a force beyond all measure! Around 12:00 today, a small “food delivery task force” assembled outside TLC Food Pantry. Their mission?? To ensure regular monthly food service to our patrons and to some new friends as well – albeit in a different manner than we are accustomed to.

Our regular monthly food service involves lots of friendship and fellowship. We gather together, share a little snack and some coffee, and then walk hand-in-hand to ‘shop’ from the pantry shelves. I feel confident in saying that everyone involved genuinely looks forward to our monthly get-togethers.

COVID-19 threw a big, fat wrench in those plans of course (like it has done to just about everyone else worldwide). But people are Good. Amidst all the anxiety, fear, and stress out there, you can see that people are looking out for each other. They want to lend a hand in any way possible. That’s exactly what we saw with today’s plan.

Forty bags of food were packed and prepared earlier this week. Countless phone calls and emails were exchanged to pull together the extensive delivery plan. Volunteers reached out offering to drive bags around Delaware county and into Philadelphia. Then, despite the rain on this Saturday late in March, minivans, SUVs, cars, and trucks pulled up to TLC, were loaded up with bags of food, and took off again on their assigned routes. (all while maintaining a 6 foot radius and using lots of Clorox wipes;-)

It was not our regular service day by any stretch of the imagination. Although it might have just been the best, most heart-felt one yet…

TLC Garden Planting 2018

Sunday, May 6th, the Burko and McCormack families prepared the TLC Produce Garden. On a refreshingly cool, spring day, all the raised beds were cleaned and prepared for a bountiful harvest later this summer/fall. There is something invigorating and fulfilling about digging in the dirt. Particularly when it’s in service of those in need.

garden team 2018

We are taking measures to make our garden especially environmentally friendly. Our raised beds are all built with reclaimed boards from both the community and from our Mission Partners (we even kept the leftovers in case we need to build more;-)).

raised beds

Rather than using chemical fertilizers, we enrich our soil with ‘homemade’ compost. We try not to throw away any food items from our pantry. Expired items are composted (when able) and the packaging is recycled.


Last year we obtained four rain barrels and installed them on two downspouts behind the church. During the entire growing season last year, they did not run out of water once! Which means we did not need to turn on the hose at all in order to water the garden.

rain barrels

This year’s crop is focused mainly on leafy greens: spinach in the spring (and again in the fall), rainbow chard (a fan favorite), a few different lettuce varieties, and some kale. We were also able to purchase both a bean tower and a cucumber trellis…can’t wait to see how those turn out!


We’ll update our growing progress at intervals during the summer. Be sure to check back to see how we’re doing! If you’re interested in helping out, please email at: We can always use volunteers to help water & weed during the year. It’s often a relaxing way to spend some time in the evening with your family.