April 25, 2020 Service Day Delivery Plans

Friends, Neighbors, and Patrons –

As you well know, the past few weeks have been like nothing we have experienced before. We are praying that you have been able to remain out of harm’s way and have managed to stay healthy. While Social Distancing has been helping to flatten the curve, we can agree that there are costs involved. We are wearing masks/gloves in public and we’re not gathering together as we would all like to.

Unfortunately, this means that we will NOT be holding our typical service day get-together again this month. However, we WILL be delivering pre-packed bags of food – as we did last month. Sorry, but we are not stocked well enough in order to take specific requests right now.

We have a sizable number of bags made up so far and will continue filling more throughout the week. Our group of volunteers will be picking up and delivering these bags in the early afternoon this coming Saturday (4/25/20).

If you are new to the TLC Food Pantry and were planning to visit us in person this month, send an inquiry email to the address below and we will send you a Registration Form. Once we have that information, we will reach out with information on how we can help.

Please continue to pray for everyone in our neighborhood, town, and country. There are certainly many troubling stories in the media right now, but there are also SO many uplifting and encouraging stories as well. You just may need to look a little deeper in order to find them;-)

God Bless – the TLC Food Pantry Team

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