Together We Are Stronger

We live in a FANTASTIC community. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, we knew Havertown was a great place to live. The kindness, generosity, and willingness to help that we have experienced over the past six weeks has continued to reinforce that belief.

Last month (March 2020), was the first time we did not hold our routine shopping day. The shutdown and social distancing forced us to ‘close’ for the month. However, a dedicated group of volunteers still managed to deliver bags of food to our friends in need. After that day, our shelves were near empty. Probably as empty as they have ever been since we opened in June 2016.

Our unofficial ‘uniform’

Low and behold, since March 29th, we have received countless donations from throughout the township. Both financial donations (through the PayPal tied to this website) and physical donations dropped off at Temple Lutheran. We received enough to repeat our current ‘home delivery’ model of service for this month. The monetary donations are being used to purchase additional foodstuffs as we are receiving more frequent inquiries for help during this challenging time.

This month we received an additional donation of fresh apples and potatoes. Along with the other donations, this allowed us to donate two pre-packed bags of food to our patrons. Yesterday (April 25, 2020), eight different ‘teams’ delivered those two bags of food to 54 families in our area.

All lined up and ready for pick up!

We even had four different people stop with donations during our pick-up time! That’s the kind of place we live in. A place that looks out for others during times of crisis or hardship. We may not be able to ‘control’ the coronavirus, but we CAN control our behavior and our response to it. We can follow safe practices. We can explore creative ways to socialize. And we can continue to help one another. What may seem like a small gesture may in fact, have a BIG impact on someone else. THANK YOU ALL.

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